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Bert Brezicha

Bert Brezicha

My name is Bert Brezicha and I am a NAUI and DAN Instructor at Eight Diving. I thought I would explain some of the reasons I dive and ultimately why I teach. If I was to summarize it, I find that diving makes people more rounded. 

For me, scuba diving hits most of aspects of my interests and personality traits.

For example:

  1. Diving is a SOCIAL EVENT. Diving is a team sport. You will preplan, plan, and dive with others. In all of those steps you are interacting, relating, and communicating with others. Post Dive socializing is also encouraged!
  2. Diving is (or has) a PURPOSE or a GOAL. No matter what is happening in your life, diving is (or can be) an achievable goal. Something to shoot for. Something to give purpose.
  3. Diving requires ORGANIZATION. Diving requires multiple pieces of equipment and planning that needs to be organized.
  4. Diving promotes physical EXERCISE. Dive gear is heavy. Kitting up and going to and from the water is strenuous. Moving tanks and gear before and after is a lot of work. Diving encourages getting or staying in shape to make diving more enjoyable.
  5. Diving is completely RELAXING. When actually diving, you breath deep, slow, and steady, while listening only to your bubbles. You are not working hard. There is no texting, emails, or stresses. Just the quiet sounds of the water.
  6. Diving gets you OUTDOORS all year round and interacting WILDLIFE. Going on a hike you will see some critters occasionally. When you dive, you are immediately surrounded by wildlife.
  7. Diving is very MECHANICAL and HANDS ON, very tactile. Diving involves lots of gear that needs to be taken care of both before and after the dive.
  8. Diving is REPETATIVE. You develop systems and routines to deal with your gear, your plan and achieving your goal.

Those are some of the aspects and traits that I enjoy and are some of the reasons I dive. They may not be your reasons, everyone else has their own. Some of your traits may be completely opposite of the things I listed above. It doesn’t matter. Make it your own. The point being, diving provides people multiple opportunities and outlets to express their personalities while completing a goal. As a result, making people more rounded.