Myra Wisotzky   May 20, 2023

Redondo, Des Moines

Good old reliable Redondo.  There is something for everyone at Redondo.  Did you know that there was once an amusement park with a skating rink here in the early part of the twentieth century?  This site still provides much underwater amusement to divers whether just newly certified or with several thousand dives. 

You can always find something to see at Redondo – the usual small suspects include; pacific red octopus, gunnels, shiner and pile perch, tube snout, sometimes warbonnets of the moss head and decorated kind and sculpins of all sorts. The "bottle field" is just as it sounds and is teeming with life and a bunch of old bottles. Also, the usual moon snails, red crabs, flounder and sole, plumose anemones, greenlings, and rockfish.  Look out for the various structures too – such as sunken boats with resident skeletons and carousel horses! 

Redondo has parking, restrooms, a rinse station (hoses), and easy entry and exit by stairs or beach.   Good critter life ranges from 15 feet (Pacific Spiny Lumpsuckers in the winter) to nearly 100 feet (the elusive sixgill sharks in the late summer).  And just when you think you have seen everything – maybe a whole lot of nothing in the quiet months – along comes a mola-mola, an electric ray, or a grey whale.  Reliable Redondo can also occasionally be Surprising Redondo.