Day Island Wall

Shop Staff   May 20, 2023

Day Island Wall is one of Puget Sound’s best wall dives! This natural sandstone wall is home to the many wolf eels and GPO’s that the PNW is known for, thanks to the natural cutbacks and dens created by the swift currents that pass through the Tacoma Narrows.  Most of the sheer wall runs to the left of the dive site entry (south) with depths to 110’.

But wait, there’s more! To the right (north) you will find many shallower ledges and cutbacks that are home to tons of smaller critters mixed in with the resident wolfies and GPO’s, with depths ranging from 40-55’.  Due to the high currents through the narrows, this site is an advanced dive site and must be planned carefully to have a safe and enjoyable dive during slack water….if not, you may end up on a one way ride to Olympia or Seattle!

Day Island is a popular dive site located in Washington State, specifically in the Puget Sound region. It offers divers a unique underwater experience with a variety of marine life and underwater features. Here are some key characteristics of the Day Island Dive Site:

  1. Location: Day Island is situated in the southern part of Puget Sound, near Tacoma, Washington. It is easily accessible from the city and other nearby areas.

  2. Marine Life: The dive site is known for its rich marine life. Divers can encounter a diverse range of underwater creatures, including various species of fish, invertebrates, and marine plants. Common sightings include rockfish, lingcod, octopuses, crabs, and sea anemones.

  3. Underwater Topography: Day Island features a rocky underwater terrain with interesting rock formations, walls, and crevices. These underwater structures provide hiding spots and habitats for marine life, making it an attractive site for underwater photography.

  4. Currents: The Puget Sound is known for its tidal currents, which can vary in strength. Divers should be aware of the tidal conditions and plan their dives accordingly. Some areas around Day Island may experience stronger currents, so it's essential to check tide tables and dive when conditions are suitable.

  5. Visibility: Visibility at Day Island can vary depending on the weather, tidal currents, and recent rainfall. On good days, visibility can be quite good, providing clear underwater views.

  6. Depth: The dive site offers a range of depths suitable for different skill levels. Divers can find shallower areas suitable for beginners as well as deeper sections for more experienced divers. Depths typically range from 20 to 80 feet (6 to 24 meters).

  7. Access: Divers can access Day Island from a boat or from the shore. Shore access may require a walk over rocky terrain, so appropriate footwear is recommended. Parking facilities and nearby amenities are available for convenience.

  8. Season: Diving at Day Island is possible year-round, but the best conditions are often found during the summer months when water temperatures are more comfortable for divers.

As with any dive site, it's crucial for divers to plan their dives carefully, monitor weather conditions, be aware of currents, and ensure they have the necessary training and equipment for the specific conditions at Day Island. Additionally, diving in Puget Sound may require special permits or permissions, so divers should check local regulations and guidelines before exploring this underwater gem.