XDeep Bolt Snap - Small

XDeep Bolt Snap - Small


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Part Number:XDeep Bolt Snap - Large Manufacturer: XDeep Model: Gen Optimized Swivel Size: L

The NX SERIES has proven that you can take tradition and by applying innovation to the design and materials, create something better, unique and special. Bolt snaps, as would a backplate seem to be pretty resistant to evolution, yet the NX SERIES backplate has revolutionized traditional approaches. Now the NX SERIES bolt snap breaks a 60-year stalemate in design and greatly improves ease of use and practical application. Tradition, innovated.

Introducing new optimized bolt snaps from XDEEP NX Series especially designed for scuba divers. In demanding environments even wrong size or type of bolt snap can be annoying or create problems. Once again XDEEP challenges this issue by rethinking bolt snap for scuba diving. Entirely new construction that introduces few simple yet effective solutions to common scuba bolt snaps problems.

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