Scubapro S620 Ti

Scubapro S620 Ti


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Part Number:11.620.000 Manufacturer: Scubapro


Air balanced valve smooths out the inhalation effort at varying depths and supply pressures.
Rugged reinforced techno-polymer case and front cover with stainless steel frame looks good plus is able to withstand years of aggressive diving.
  • Lightweight titanium barrel is rugged and anti-corrosion and will last virtually forever no matter what environment it faces.
  • Large diaphragm fits inside a more compact casing for maximum breathing sensitivity.
  • User controls include an easy-grip diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob and Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) lever.
  • Large purge button is designed with holes to improve water circulation.
  • Flow-engineered high-performance exhaust tee improves ease of exhalation.
  • Super-flow hose features an oversized bore that allows more air to flow on each inhalation.
  • Newly designed Compact Hi-Flow mouthpiece, exclusive to the S620 Ti, is mounted on an enlarged mouthpiece pipe to improve airflow as well as mouth comfort.
  • Color-matched mouthpieces and hose protectors (in blue, pink, yellow, purple, white and orange) are available as accessories.



ActivityRecreational, Technical, Travel
Water TemperatureCold, Temperate, Warm
Product Weight1 lb

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