Trident Titanium Dive Guide Knife Dive Knife with Webbing Sheath

The Trident Titanium Dive Guide Knife dive knife with Webbing Sheath is a well-balanced, compact knife. The 75 mm (3″) Titanium Alloy blade is made up of, a 60 mm (2.3″) leading edge, with a 7 mm (1/4″) line cutter in the blade. the rear of the blade is a 35 mm (1.5″) serrated edge. The sturdy two-tone nylon handle molds to your hand while a serrated forefinger and thumb grip stops your hand from sliding forward.

The webbing pouch knife sheath will fit 20 mm (6/8″) BC webbing. The knife is held in place by overlocking velcro allowing a quick release that is easy to pull free even with the thickest of gloves on.

Black and Yellow.