Halcyon Eclipse™ and Adventure/Traveler™ Buoyancy Control Wing

The Halcyon Eclipse™ and Adventure/Traveler™ Pro wings have a long, narrow profile that supports the diver’s single tank preventing unnecessary drag, and minimizing in-water effort.


The Halcyon Eclipse™ and Adventure/Traveler™ Pro buoyancy compensators establish a new standard for single-tank diving while creating unprecedented streamlining, and eliminating the many useless “features” that clutter traditional buoyancy compensators. This added stability reduces drag by encouraging a streamlined position — these changes result in less effort and more diving fun.

The difference in the two wings is the Adventure/Traveler™ Pro wing has 4 slots available to weave single cylinder straps though, eliminating the need for a single cylinder adapter. This wing can be used with or without a single cylinder adapter.

All Halcyon BCs include:

  •     1000 count Cordura outer shell allows the superior abrasion resistance
  •     Urethane coated, 400-denier nylon inner bladder for puncture resistance without stiffness
  •     Halcyon inner bladders are RF welded with a lifetime warranty on all seams
  •     22” Preferred length LP hose
  •     OEM inflator with corrugated hose
  •     Corrugated hose strain relief to reduce stress on the inflation connections
  •     Heavy duty zipper to allow easy access, if needed, to the inner bladder
  •     Rapid water drainage via SS grommet holes or Texteline mesh


  • Eclipse™ and Adventure/Traveler™ Pro Buoyancy Compensator (wing) – Available in 20-, 30-, or 40-lb. (9-,14-, or 18-kg) lift capacity
  • Inflator with 52 CM / 22 IN LP hose comes standard on Halcyon wings
  • All Eclipse™ and Adventure/Traveler™ Pro wings are CE-certified


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