Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

Shearwater Teric Watch Dive Computer – the watch that transforms you! You can wear this computer deep down or at your next formal event!


The Shearwater Teric has a rich, full-color AMOLED screen providing a highly visible, bright and vivid display. The Teric also features an all-new Free Diving mode that has programmable sampling rates, configurable haptic and audible alarms and improved ascent and descent rate.

Now available in four colors:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Bronze

Like all other Shearwater dive computers, the Teric is also a highly capable multi-gas /trimix dive computer that can be used for:

  • Free-diving
  • Open-Circuit
  • Closed Circuit diving with a fixed ppO2
  • Air-Nitrox-Trimix

The Teric has a higher degree of end-user configurability than previous Shearwater dive computers, with a tilt-compensated 3D compass and 4 buttons. We’ve applied situationally adaptable logic to our menus and buttons making the Teric very intuitive. It is also very configurable. You can configure one of the 4 buttons to give you a single-press access to different tools like the compass, stopwatch, countdown timer, etc.

  • The Teric has a rechargeable battery and includes a wireless inductive charger
  • The Teric is built on a robust hardware framework that will allow for ample growth through free firmware releases via Bluetooth
  • The Teric is also fully integrated with the free Shearwater Cloud multi-platform dive logging service

Product Features:

  • Open circuit
  • Closed-circuit
  • Trimix
  • New Free diving mode
  • Gauge mode
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Rugged construction
  • 30+ hours Dive mode at 100% brightness
  • 50+ hours Watch mode at 100% brightness
  • Bluetooth & wireless charging; no custom cables required
  • Configurable, faster log sampling
  • Switchable audible and vibration motor alerts
  • Air Integration – up to 2 transmitters
  • Optional multi-color straps are available

Shearwater Teric Shearwater Teric Shearwater Teric Shearwater Teric

Shearwater Teric Shearwater Teric Shearwater Teric Shearwater Teric