Scubapro MK19 EVO 300 First Stage DIN Regulator

The Scubapro MK19 EVO 300 First Stage DIN Regulator is designed to be the brand new first stage for diving in cold water, such as Puget Sound, or in contaminated environments.

The NEW design significantly reduces its weight and size compared to the original MK19.
The pneumatically balanced membrane provides a smooth and constant air flow regardless of depth, cylinder pressure or respiratory rate.

The watertight system prevents water and pollutants from dirtying the internal mechanism. The new sealed chamber is equipped with a double spring, to ensure greater compactness and reliability.

Two opposite high pressure outlets allow the first stage to be positioned up or down and also provide an excellent arrangement of the hose / probe.
The revolving turret features four high flow low pressure outlets and an ultra high flow low pressure axial outlet to maximize whip routing options.

Compact size, light weight and exceptional breathing performance persist in the best tradition of SCUBAPRO regulators.


Ideal first stage for amateur, technical, professional and technical divers.

Weight (g): INT 232, 885g; DIN 300, 665g
Air flow at 200 bar: (l / min / SCFM):> 6.900 / 244
Intermediate pressure (bar): 9.2-9.8