Santi Ladies First Comfort BZ200 Undersuit

The BZ200 Undersuit is good for cold water and with suitable underwear it can be used for long dives in extremely difficult conditions.



Undersuit made of high-grade quality compressed Thinsulate™ BZ200. Water absorption in this insulation is less than 1 % relative to own weight, so even after wetting BZ200 undersuit keeps its thermal performance. In addition it is breathable undersuit, ensuring thermal balance of the body during the entire diving.

The outside layer is made of Polyamide – thin but exceptionally durable and fully breathable fabric. The lining is made of micropolar 140g/m2. Designed for dives in cold waters and can be used for a long dives in more difficult conditions.


  • Thinsulate™ BZ200 Insulation
  • weight 210 g/m², warmth: 1,30 CLO
  • weight: 1,9 kg


  • three pockets – (two pockets on thighs, 1 chest pocket),
  • water-resistant cuffs,
  • tapes, which supply air to dry gloves,
  • two-way zip,
  • in waist- elastic gusset made of windproof fabric,
  • shoulder gussets allowing more free movement,
  • wide (10cm) elastic ankle bands prevent moving up the legs when setting up the drysuit.