KUBI Drysuit Dry Glove System

The KUBI Dry Glove System utilizes durable aluminum rings, which unlike plastic ones are extremely strong and light and are fully resistant to hot and cold conditions. This Dry Glove system creates a watertight connection between the glove and the suit and are VERY EASY TO DON/DOFF, without needing assistance from your buddy!


The Kubi Dry Glove System is used for technical and recreational divers for long exposure dives or in extreme conditions and are used to maintain thermal comfort. This improves dexterity where over time during cold dives divers can find handling objects, performing shutdowns etc. difficult. They’re also used by any drysuit divers just wanting dry, and thus, warm(er) hands!

Compared to neoprene gloves, these KUBI Dry gloves have about 10x less thickness whilst also maintaining sufficient strength. This makes them ideal for photography and videography work.

The dry gloves can be installed onto almost any kind of cuff (neoprene, latex, rubber) and can be used again with almost any kind of glove (plastic, rubber, etc..) and thickness (up to 1.5 mm).

KUBI Dry Glove System Includes:

Black Gloves
Insulation Gloves

Read the User Guide here.