Halcyon Focus 2.0 Corded Primary Light

The Halcyon Focus 2.0 Primary Light follows the Halcyon name that has been synonymous with world class underwater lighting systems for 20 years. Halcyon set the standard for primary dive lights with the popular Focus light. Now it ups the game with the Halcyon Focus 2.0 primary light offering the latest breakthrough in lighting technology.

The Focus 2.0 Primary Light with 2.5 to 5 hours burn time, has twice the brightness of the original Focus torch. The Focus 2.0 also offers a powerful adjustable (narrow to wide) beam with a 5.2amp li-ion battery.

Halcyon lights are available in corded models (standard cord or E/O cord), as well as a handheld version. Standard corded lights are delivered with a standard 5.2Ah li-ion battery. Divers opting for the E/O cord will receive an industry-standard cord that may be used with the supplied canister or larger compatible battery systems.

The Focus 2.0 lights have a fully adjustable handle which can be set to left or right hand operation and folded over the lens during transport.

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Halcyon Focus 2.0 Primary Light SPECS:

  • Both corded and no cord lights come standard with a 5.2-amp hour li-ion battery pack
  • Focus 2.0: Approx. 2.5 hours burn time on high and 5 hours on low (using the standard, 5.2-amp hour battery)
  • Focus 2.0: ~80k lux at 1m (3ft) -1550 lux at 5m (15ft) on high power (using the standard, 5.2-amp hour battery)
  • Focus 2.0: Halcyon Blue light head
  • Both lights offer an adjustable beam to switch between intense focus or a wide beam for underwater video purposes.


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