Halcyon Flare EXP Handheld Primary Torch

Halcyon Flare EXP Handheld Primary Torch is designed to be easily transported, stored in a pocket AND still powerful enough to lead an extreme cave dive, even on half power, yet still simple enough for a recreational reef dive. The FLARE EXP is strong, dependable and priced to become your go to solution for your next primary light.

The Halcyon Flare EXP Handheld Primary Torch is the same great light as the standard Flare but in a smaller, even more compact package. Divers seeking greater freedom and flexibility can enjoy high powered adjustable light without the connection to a cord and battery. It is easy to hand or clip off or place in a pocket. It is used by many divers and instructors a backup primary light to save a dive if and or when a primary light fails. This is possible because it easily fits into most large pockets.

Halcyon Flare EXP Handheld Primary Torch SPECS:

  • Available in handheld or EO options
  • New cool-grey blue light head color
  • Approx. 2.5 hours burn time on high and 5 hours on low (with 2.6 AmpH battery pack)
  • Approx. 5 hours burn time on high and 10 hours on low (with 5.2 AmpH battery pack)
  • 11,500 lux at 1m (3ft) – 1,700 lux at 3m (10ft) on high power
  • Handheld weight with 2.6 AmpH Battery: 0.57 kg / 1.25 lbs
  • Light head with EO weight: 0.43 kg / 0.95lbs
  • Dimensions (handheld with 2.6 AmpH battery and adjustable handle): 18.4 CM  / 7.25 IN x 10 CM / 4 IN
  • Packaged in a Voyager case
  • Charger included
  • The Flare EXP comes standard with an Adjustable handle.  Due to size, this light is not compatible with a Goodman handle.

If you’re considering the options, check out the Halcyon Focus 2.0 Primary Handheld Touch here.


Halcyon Flare EXP Handheld Primary Torch – Warranty Information

Halcyon offers the original purchaser a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against material and workmanship defects on all of its products. Beyond this standard coverage, Halcyon also offers the original purchaser two separate lifetime warranties, one covering all RF-welded seams used in the construction of MC bladders, surface signaling and lift devices, and the second covering Halcyon’s primary light canisters.

In order to maintain both the one-year manufacturer’s warranty and the lifetime warranty (where applicable) the original purchaser must retain their sales receipt. Certain items, such as NiMH and SLA batteries, are covered by a 90-day conditional warranty that commences on the date of customer purchase.

Following Halcyon’s recommended use and service guidelines provided in the manuals is essential in extending the practical lifetime of expendable items such as batteries and light bulbs.

The Halcyon warranty is a global warranty. As long as the customer has a valid sales receipt from an authorized Halcyon dealer, the warranty extends to all countries and shops, regardless of where the item was purchased. Any authorized Halcyon dealer can handle warranty returns to the factory with a valid receipt.

Unauthorized modifications/repairs, negligence, accidental damage, commercial use, or abuse are not covered by the warranty. Floods, leaks, punctures, and broken bulbs etc., are not covered by the warranty unless they are the direct result of a material or workmanship defect.