fourth element Scuba Diving Bag

The fourth element Expedition Series Duffle Scuba Diving Gear Bag is made from tough and enduring heavy-duty mesh PVC and the base is double lined for durability. It comes with shaped and padded rucksack carry straps and high quality clasps. Buckles and compression straps complete a rugged specification. And a removable ID card makes it even easier to label and identify your gear.


Inspired by discussions with some of our more intrepid dive team members who reported that looking for a piece of black dive kit inside a black bag is never easy, but even more frustrating if you are at base camp in a cave system. We developed the fourth element Expedition Series Duffle Bag as a solution to this problem. The blue color makes it easier to find your kit, bright enough to be found more easily in low light conditions and distinctive enough to stand out amongst the bags of your fellow divers.

Dive Bag Features

  • Made from heavy-duty mesh PVC
  • High quality clasps and buckles
  • Double lined, hard-wearing base
  • Padded rucksack carry straps
  • Large luggage label for identification

Dive Bag Fabric & Care

  • 500D PVC (top)
  • 600D PU Base