Carbon Fiber Backplate Pro with Harness

With the Carbon Fiber Backplate Pro, you can have it all and leave your single tank adapter at home! Want to travel light but still have the convenient features you’ve come to love in diving a backplate, harness and wing combination?

The Carbon Fiber Backplate Pro features a built in Cinch™ system and single tank adapter. It weighs in at barely 1.2 lbs (0.54 kg).

The Carbon Fiber Backplate can be ordered as a stand alone item or as an option with the Adventurer™ Plus or Element™ Plus BC Systems.


Carbon Fiber Backplate Pro Specs:

  • 0.54 KG / 1.2 LB
  • Built in Cinch™ system and Single-Tank Adapter, STA
  • Utility holes allow mating with MC Storage Pak to stow a variety of lift devices as well as the small Halcyon drysuit inflation kit
  • Carefully milled surfaces eliminate sharp edges
  • The Carbon Fiber Plus backplate is only available in a standard size