Scott Weaver

My first exposure to the underwater realm was in 1993 off the coast of Northern California, Humboldt/Mendocino coast of central California (Monterey). We would free dive for abalone in white shark filled waters. 
I never was able to fully explore my love of diving until a few years after when I moved to the PNW in 2014. Since then I have had the fortunate luck to be able to dive an average of 200 times a year. The tranquility of floating around observing the natural habitat of the many critters that populate our waters has become my greatest love. From the abundance of life and color filled walls to the great murky silt-out of Les Davis, they all have wonderful sights to see.
My second greatest love is exploration. To quote Dr Ballard, “There’s probably more history now preserved underwater than in all the museums of the world combined, only there are no locks on the doors.”
Being able to explore some of the 72% of our planet that lies beneath the sea is a privilege, one I hope to share with all who have that little fire burning inside them.