Melissa Frakes

Being born and raised in Seattle, I have driven by the various dive sites and have always been envious and a bit in awe seeing the diver’s in the water. I also thought they were out of their bloody minds when the temperature gauge indicated it was below freezing.  

Having just been certified a year ago with under 100 dives, I still consider myself a newbie. I am grateful to be surrounded by very experienced divers that have been happy to include me and help me improve. Being a part of the Eight team has allowed me to learn about this vast and deep (no pun intended) world.

Out of the water, I am a mother to three teenage boys (13, 13, 15) and a stepson who’s attending UC Irvine. I am also the wife to a VERY patient and amazing man who knows that happy wife=happy life. While he has no interest in taking the plunge, he is very encouraging and supportive each time I load up my kit (or come home with something new).  For this I am very lucky.

Diving has given me the place to just breathe, take a break from the to-do list and keep outside and physically active through the months of dark, grey and rain that we in Seattle know well. I also now know that when the temp gauge shows freezing, we’re actually warmer in the water than you are out of it.