Andrea Peterson

I decided to take up diving after moving to WA from AZ and when I realized the rain in WA doesn’t go away…if I was going to be outdoors and be soaked, I may as well be in the water doing something fun!

My favorite dive site in Puget sound is without a doubt, Day Island Wall; home to the friendliest wolf eels in the Pacific Northwest.

My diving bucket list includes the chance to dive with the Mola Mola. One of my primary goals is to share amazing underwater experiences with and mentoring new divers so they have the chance enjoy the sport as much as I do.

When I’m not diving, I love being in the outdoors, on horseback, or engaging in my newest adventure: herding livestock with my Australian Cattle Dog, Tucker!  If you don’t find me doing that, I’m probably chugging around somewhere in Puget Sound on the Ocean Quest!