Every family needs a home

As our dive community continued to grow, it became obvious that we needed a home. Not just a place to buy equipment or fill cylinders, but a true home. We needed somewhere to meet and someplace that would act as the focal point for our projects, activities, and events. Several active community members recognized that we had an opportunity to build this home and that is what we have done! We created Eight: A Seattle Diving Co.

We understood how important this could be for our community, so we employed a forward-thinking branding company that had experience with the dive community and industry. We were interviewed and questioned and over a period of several months, we created Eight. A few of us questioned the extensive process and why we couldn’t just use a name that was more descriptive and didn’t require an explanation. However, we listened and gradually understood the genius behind the method. We were creating from whole cloth something that reflected exactly who we are and what is important to us.

Eight: A Seattle Diving Co. was born.

Some will recognize that Eight is the atomic number of oxygen and understand the significance for divers. What most will not realize is that the “Co.” is actually short for Community, not Company. For us, this was to be our community home and while it needs to be a company, that part comes second. For us, it is about lifestyle, community and support for ongoing activities projects, and events.

So, we welcome you to the most unique diving ‘shop’ in the Pacific Northwest. Stop in and visit us, and you’ll see we are not your typical dive store. While we do carry the industries top equipment lines, provide classes and logistical support for almost all gas mixes, we are much more than that. While you are here, we encourage you to grab a cup of coffee and hang with us for a while. Lounge on the couches, view underwater videos/photos from our own local divers, and visit with others in the community. You will recognize old friends and meet new ones. And most of all, you will find a reenergized community focus that is, in plain words, simply awesome.

Welcome to Eight.

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