Andrea Peterson

Andrea Peterson

Three tree

Three Tree Point North, Burien

This site more than makes up for the challenges of having only five parking spaces.  And, being in a residential neighborhood, there are no – ahem – facilities.  So, take care of your “business” before you arrive.

In the sandy shallows look for clusters of greenling and tube-snout eggs shimmering on the seaweed.  Heading north from the entry area you’ll come across multiple tire reefs located in depths ranging from 35’ to 95’ along the gentle slope.  Several years ago, we regularly visited a giant pacific octopus guarding eggs in one of the deeper tire reefs and observed the eggs hatching!

Take some time to look up and down the many mooring buoy lines.  They are rich with life and fun for macro photography…. skeleton shrimp, tiny nudibranchs, and colorful algae.  You may even encounter hordes of opalescent squid in an egg-laying frenzy!  Speaking of cephalopods, there is often a giant pacific octopus sequestered under the bow of the infamous “golf ball boat” at the northern end of your exploration.  Ratfish are routinely encountered at Three Tree as well as the usual Puget Sound array of sea stars, anemone, crabs, and fish.

If, instead, you choose to head south from the entry point, drop down to 70’ you’ll encounter a lone cabin cruiser covered with clouds of plumose anemones.  Working your way up the slope and back north look for small stuff – pacific red octopus, hermit crabs, stubby squid and even pacific spiny lumpsuckers.  We have seen dogfish at this site and have also been buzzed by curious sea lions.  Speaking of buzzing – this is a great site for scootering all over with a DPV.

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