Andrea Peterson

Andrea Peterson

Cove 2

Alki Seacrest Park (Cove 2)

Frequently referred to as “Alki Cove 2” or just “Cove 2”, this site is one of the most frequently visited dive sites in Puget Sound.  Just minutes from downtown Seattle and with easy access to parking and the beach, this is the perfect site to visit on the weekend or for a quick dive during the week after work.  With very little current, even on days with large tide exchanges, this site provides great diving on just about any day of the year during the day or at night!

Below the surface you will find plentiful structure and lots of places where critters large and small make their homes.  The site is frequently home to some of Puget Sound’s favorite critters including Giant Pacific Octopus, Rock Fish, Ling Cod and countless other smaller fish.  It is very common while diving at night to be escorted by the playful and inquisitive local harbor seals.  They will frequently use the light provided by divers’ torches to help them find their next snack.  Don’t be surprised if they give you a bump as they swim by!!!

Following your dive or dives, head across the parking lot to Marination Ma Kai for some yummy tacos or a cold beer.  Their food is delicious and the staff are always friendly and welcoming to divers!

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