Learn to dive!

Is scuba diving on your bucket list? Did you get to try diving on your last holiday or see a photo of your friend diving with sharks? Whatever the spark, you’re ready to learn to scuba dive and we’re happy you’re here. 

As breathing underwater is not natural for humans and we need to breathe to live; you’ll want to ensure you’re training is the highest quality and the instructor is the best at what they do and they have a true passion for it.

At Eight, we provide instruction through two different training agencies: Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) and the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). Our instructors are experienced professional educators from both of these organizations, which guarantees you confidence in your dive training. 

Both GUE and NAUI offer a variety of courses and training, from open water instruction for new divers who have yet to breath underwater to very advanced, technical, or cave diving. If you’re just starting down the scuba diving path: you’ll want to start with open water instruction. 

Which agency you train with will depend on your interests and eventual goals. NAUI offers courses that are less intense and typically shorter in duration but are perfectly sufficient to get you prepared to scuba dive. GUE’s courses are longer, pushing you past the general training received by most new divers. Either way, the path is yours to decide and we’re happy to choose what is best for you and your specific goals. 

When you walk into Eight Diving, we will have as many questions for you as you will have for us! We want to understand why you want to learn how to dive so we can guide you to a pathway designed specifically for you! Your pathway could be GUE or NAUI or a combination of both. 

The underwater world is unlike anything you’ve experienced before and Eight Diving is ready to share it with you!