Human Factors Training at Eight Diving

tech diversHuman Factors training focuses on the Non Technical Skills we need to be safer divers.

 The majority of the training we receive as divers focuses on technical skills such as buoyancy and trim, or equipment management. However most accidents are not due to technical failures but rather a breakdown in communication, poor decision making, or a lack of situational awareness. Non Technical Skills training focuses on helping the diver to become more aware of how these human factors influence and affect our decision making process.

What is Human Factors training and why should I learn about it?

 No single dive training agency offers Human Factors Training, yet the diver him or her-self is the one commonality that crosses agency and even environmental boundaries. Divers spend thousands of dollars on new equipment with the hopes of making them a better diver but, for the most part, they ignore the “human in the system” and miss the opportunity to become a higher performing dive team member or buddy.diver

“Master Human Factors and master the dive” 

We are one of the only providers of Gareth Lock’s Human Factors program that follows the training syllabi used by the Royal Air Force and the FAA and other high reliability organizations. Our goal is to help provide this training that has previously not been available in the diving world. This is a further example of our commitment to excellence in dive training as we understand just how important it is to ensure we are aware of how all the “soft” skills affect our underwater decision making.


The Human Factors in Diving Level 2 further builds on brilliant foundations to understand and highlight the human impact of diving, and how to ensure the dives you have are safe and free from human error.

This is for divers who learn best through experiential learning and want to create teams quickly, which includes instructors and IT/CDs. It’s also suitable for those who undertake CCR, Cave and Tech diving who want to prevent errors from occurring, allowing them to take their diving further and deeper.

This course is delivered in two days of highly emotive and positive learning to consolidate theory already gained from the pre-work of the Online Micro Class which is included as pre-class learning. The two days together support a different learning style, and enable a deeper level of collaboration, skills development and teamwork. This will inevitably build stronger relationships and team learning and will also provide a different team-based approach to problem solving relating to human factors and non-technical skills.

The benefits and outcomes of attending this in person course are significant. They include:

  • Better situation awareness
  • More effective communication
  • Improved briefing and debriefing skills
  • Understanding of how to create a team quickly so that learning can be improved in the context of training and more effective exploration achieved in the context of ‘fun’ diving.

This in-person course embraces all the pioneering elements that The Human Diver is renowned for and is a great addition to every divers training tool kit.

Learn how to Apply Human Factors and Master The Dive.