Eight Diving provides scuba diving gear service and repairs to many high-end brands of equipment.  In addition, we can provide visual and hydro inspections to your cylinders. Our technicians are trained and certified to cover work needed to make sure you can get back in the water sooner than later. 

If your equipment needs to go back to the manufacturer, we can also help facilitate that.

Cylinder Service & Repair
Visual Inspection *Only$25
Hydrostatic Test*$42
Cylinder Internal Blasting$50
Doubles Assembly OR Disassembly Only$20
Doubles Disassemble and Reassemble$37.50
Oxygen Cleaning$30
Single Valve Rebuild & Oxygen Cleaning$40
Doubles Manifold Rebuild & Oxygen Cleaning$70
*Cylinders are not guaranteed to pass Visual Inspection or Hydrostatic Test. Appropriate fee(s) apply, regardless of results.

Eight diving prides itself in quality scuba diving regulator repair and servicing. Our service technicians are factory trained to handle the piece of diving gear that matters most, your regulators.

Regulator Service & Repair
Service - First Stage
-Labor Only
Service - Second Stage
-Labor Only
Service First AND Second Stage
-Labor Only
Regulator Bench Test/Adjust$55/each
Parts Kit(s) - Charged in addition to service fees.Varies by Make/Model
We are the Pacific Northwest’s premier authorized Santi service center. All care that goes into our Santi drysuits can be seen across the board on any brand of drysuit we repair.
Drysuit Service & Repair
Drysuit Full Leak Test$80
Standard Fabric Leak Repairs (3 max)$55
Neck Seal Replacement -Labor Only$60
Neck Seal (Latex)$55
Neck Seal (Silicone)$68
Wrist Seal Replacement -Labor Only$60
Wrist Seal Pair (Latex HD Bottle or Cone)$48
Zipper Replacement -Labor Only$240
Zipper - Plastic (non-metal)$150
Zipper - Metal$250
P-Valve Install -Labor Only$75
Drysuit Cleaning$80
Hourly Labor Rate$80
*Drysuit Repair Costs Vary Due to Materials Used. Please Contact Eight for Further Information
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