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Good divers are always learning and Eight Diving is committed to continuing education for our community members. Below you will find a selection of articles and other useful information about various aspects of diving. This section will be added to regularly so don’t forget to check back regularly to see what’s new!

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Experienced Divers
Melissa Frakes

What’s Next?

You’re certified, you’ve gained some experience, so now what? You’ve completed your Open Water class and are officially certified to scuba dive. Congratulations! Hopefully since

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Gear For The Starting Diver
Melissa Frakes

How to Choose Fins

FINS Just like masks, fins are one of the first things that a snorkeler or diver needs to acquire, but the new diver will discover

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About Masks

About Masks For diving, an excellent mask is unquestionably one of your most important pieces of gear. The mask can be the difference between a

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