Guy Shockey

I like to teach introductory technical diving classes because it’s where the “aha” moments really happen and students really begin to understand why all the things we teach them at earlier levels are actually important. I enjoy teaching because I truly want to share the enjoyment of the underwater world with other people and the way I look at it, every student I teach increases my available pool of dive buddies!  Some of my favourite diving has been in exotic locations around the world like the Red Sea, but I always find that diving in the Pacific Northwest has a special quality that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Several years after I first learned to dive, I vividly recall the moment I stuck my head underwater in the ocean near St Lucia and was amazed to see an entire shipwreck sitting on the bottom of the ocean. This was the spark that reinvigorated my diving. It was a far cry from learning to dive in a cold mountain lake in Alberta in 1982!  Since then I have done a lot of diving and a lot of traveling and look forward to a lot more.

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