Begin your underwater adventure with GUE

Eight Diving offers the full range of GUE courses including recreational training for new divers and technical training for those who wish to pursue more advanced diving. This pathway often leads to exploration and project work.

Eight Diving is home to one of the creators of the GUE Photogrammetry class and a GUE Instructor Evaluator who regularly works with future GUE instructors.

GUE training is known around the world for attention to detail and learning to do “simple things precisely” making it an essential path for anyone that wants to have their skills dialed in allowing for greater control and safety within the water. 

Eight Diving is also the home of GUE Seattle, a GUE regional affiliate, and the locus for regular GUE community projects and social events.


GUE Fundamentals

The GUE Fundamentals course is the pathway for already certified divers to enter the GUE training system. The course introduces divers to GUE standard operating procedures and the GUE team approach to diving. Successful completion of this course is a requirement to attend further GUE courses. Your teammates could be technical divers, new divers or even instructors looking to improve their basic skills. Everybody will benefit, regardless of their current level of training, certification or experience.  It is likely to be one of the most valuable courses you will ever take.

Recreational Diver 1

Welcome to GUE’s open water certification program!  This course is designed for the brand new diver who is looking for a premium introduction to dive training. The course follows the GUE instruction methodology and is longer  in duration and more in depth than most open water classes to ensure you leave with very good basic skills. This will ensure that you are a comfortable and confident diver ready to enjoy the gifts the diving world has to offer. This course includes classroom work, field drills and also includes a nitrox certification. 

Recreational Diver 2

You can add more adventure to your dives and head deeper into the aquatic world by advancing your diving skills with the GUE Recreational Diver 2 course.
This course is structured to prepare divers for deeper recreational diving up to 100 ft/30 m. It teaches divers to navigate underwater and how to help a team member in distress while using efficient diving skills and advanced breathing mixtures, such as triox. This is a great choice for a recreational fundamentals diver or a rec 1 diver looking for the next step. You will expand your skills and have fun!

Recreational Diver 3

Reach your next diving goals by going to depths that require more skill and advanced breathing mixtures with the GUE Recreational Diver 3 course.This is a limited decompression course structured to teach advanced diving skills, prepare divers for utilizing decompression cylinders with double tanks, and to breathe helium-based breathing mixtures appropriate for deeper recreational diving to 130ft/39m. This course is a logical choice for a diver looking to dip their fins into the technical diving world without the same level of exposure.

Technical Diver 1

The GUE Tech 1 course prepares ambitious divers to begin their path to technical diving safely, with confidence, and a base of solid skills and knowledge.

This course also paves the way to GUE rebreather courses, to advanced technical GUE training, and to project and exploration diving. You will learn how to safely plan and execute dives in the 170’/51m range with up to 30 minutes of decompression. This is your introduction to accelerated decompression and mixed gas diving and multiple “a ha!” moments! 

Technical Diver 2

GUE’s Technical Diver 2 course is designed to enhance deep diving proficiency while using helium breathing gases and oxygen-enriched decompression gases. 

It is a rigorous class designed to prepare divers for depths up to 250’/75m and beyond, using multiple stages or decompression gasses, to manage their gas, bottom time, and decompression exposure in a safe and comfortable manner. If Tech 1 was your “apprentice technical diver” then Tech 2 is your “Journeyman technical diver” program! This course will challenge you!


DPV 1 is about the most fun you can have underwater!  In this course you will learn how to safely operate diver propulsion vehicles (DPV) and plan dives using your “scooter”. DPV diving brings multiple advantages to divers including the ability to relax behind the wheel while someone else does the work! It’s easy to drive and operate a scooter but, as with most things, the devil is in the details. This course will build your capacity to deal with emergencies and other problems while you are using a DPV. That being said… it’s 2-3 days of pure fun!


Modern technology combined with skilled and competent divers is a great mix to achieve unprecedented outcomes from underwater imaging. Meticulous and proper documentation of a dive site or submerged artifacts can be rewarded by a stunning 3D model. This course is designed to introduce divers to the skills and procedures for using underwater photogrammetry to create digital 3D models. One of the authors of this course was our own GUE instructor Kees Beemster Leverenz so you get the information from the source!

Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diver 1

GUE’s Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diver Level 1 course is intended for GUE Tech 1 divers who desire to learn to dive with a closed-circuit rebreather. Tech 1 divers who aspire beyond their current level will find that this course gives them the tools to do so by building and enhancing their technical diving abilities.The course is intended to challenge divers in a comfortable environment that emphasizes the need for learning management, maintenance procedures, and protocols of the closed-circuit rebreather

Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diver 2

GUE’s Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diver Level 2 course is intended to further develop GUE CCR Level 1 skills by gradually building diver skill and knowledge regarding closed-circuit diving. GUE’s CCR 2 is intended for graduates of the GUE Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diver Level 1 course who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of advanced CCR diving in more demanding environments. Students of this class usually wish to enhance their capacity of CCR diving within the GUE system and are considering exploration!

GUE Doubles and Drysuit primers

The Drysuit primer was designed to familiarize certified divers with the use of a drysuit and how to manage the extra task loading that this extra buoyancy bubble brings to your dive. The Doubles primer is most often used by GUE certified divers wishing to transition from single tank diving to doubles diving in preparation for taking more advanced training such as Tech 1 of even Cave 1. Both classes are delivered in a workshop format rather than a formal class with lots of field drills and hands on skills. In other words, more diving and less talking!