Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is about 2 and one half hours from Eight Diving and a beautiful gem of a lake on the Olympic Peninsula. You need to head towards Port Angeles and then drive about another 30 minutes west into Olympic National park. It’s easy to find it on a map or in your navigation in […]

Day Island Wall

Day Island Wall Day Island Wall is one of Puget Sound’s best wall dives! This natural sandstone wall is home to the many wolf eels and GPO’s that the PNW is known for, thanks to the natural cutbacks and dens created by the swift currents that pass through the Tacoma Narrows.  Most of the sheer […]

Mukilteo T Dock

Mukilteo T Dock is one of the most used dive sites north of the City of Seattle.  Great for divers who are north of the city and want to avoid rush hour traffic.  The site is used by a range of divers from Openwater classes to Tech 1 Divers. The bottom in the shallows (15-20 […]

Cove 2

Alki Seacrest Park (Cove 2) Frequently referred to as “Alki Cove 2” or just “Cove 2”, this site is one of the most frequently visited dive sites in Puget Sound.  Just minutes from downtown Seattle and with easy access to parking and the beach, this is the perfect site to visit on the weekend or […]

Three tree

Three Tree Point North, Burien This site more than makes up for the challenges of having only five parking spaces.  And, being in a residential neighborhood, there are no – ahem – facilities.  So, take care of your “business” before you arrive. In the sandy shallows look for clusters of greenling and tube-snout eggs shimmering […]

Sund Rock

Sund Rock  Sund Rock is one of the crown jewels of Hood Canal, and very popular with new divers since currents are minimal here and shore entry is very easy. Located on the southwest side of the Canal just north of Hoodsport, this protected marine area boasts an abundance of life ranging from the usual […]


Redondo, Des Moines Good old reliable Redondo.  There is something for everyone at Redondo.  Did you know that there was once an amusement park with a skating rink here in the early part of the twentieth century?  This site still provides much underwater amusement to divers whether just newly certified or with several thousand dives.  […]