Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is about 2 and one half hours from Eight Diving and a beautiful gem of a lake on the Olympic Peninsula. You need to head towards Port Angeles and then drive about another 30 minutes west into Olympic National park. It’s easy to find it on a map or in your navigation in […]

What’s Next?

You’re certified, you’ve gained some experience, so now what? You’ve completed your Open Water class and are officially certified to scuba dive. Congratulations! Hopefully since your class you have been diving at every opportunity and you’re becoming more confident and capable with your skills. If you’ve discovered you’re as happy, or happier, under the water […]

Anatomy of a Fundamentals Class 

Anatomy of a Fundamentals Class Divers are attracted to GUE training for a variety of reasons, some of which may be a desire to increase their level of comfort and safety in the water, to continue their diving education with world class instructors, dissatisfaction with previous training, or to begin their training in technical or […]

What can I expect from my first scuba dive?

Let’s be honest, you are likely a little nervous about your first scuba dive. This will be your first time in the ocean breathing underwater and exploring the underwater world. What will it be like? What will you feel? What will you see?  We wanted to tell you about your first dive so you have […]

Normalization of Deviation and Diving

(This article was originally published in Quest magazine) By Guy Shockey and Gareth Lock On January 28, 1986, 73 seconds after launch, Space Shuttle Challenger (STS-51) exploded following the massive aerodynamic forces produced as the solid rocket boosters (SRBs) detached from the huge centerline fuel tank due to hot gases escaping from a failing seal. Unfortunately, this disaster was not a […]

Situational Awareness and Decision Making in Diving

Situational Awareness and Decision Making in Diving   (This article was originally published in InDepth magazine)   By Guy Shockey   It is not surprising that given the nature of the activity and its heavy reliance on equipment, the majority of diving discussions focus around the more “technical” side of diving which includes equipment, gases, […]

Recreational and Technical Diving Revisited

By Guy Shockey Not too long after your first introduction to diving, you may hear the terms “recreational diving” and “technical diving”. You may hear these terms from divers talking about their upcoming diving plans or read it in marketing materials from training agencies or even in equipment promotional materials. What is recreational diving and […]